Meat Rabbits

Rabbit is probably one of the earliest meat foods of man.

Rabbits have been raised for human food since Roman times.

Beginning in the Middle Ages, sailors distributed rabbits all over the world as a food source on long voyages.

Rabbits can be raised on diets low in grain and high in roughage, therefore not competing with humans and other livestock for grain.

Rabbits convert forage into meat much more efficiently than cattle - about 5 times more meat per pound of roughage than cattle.

In countries where grain is not available, rabbits can convert local vegetation, not suitable for human consumption, into nutritious meat protein.

A family can significantly supplement their diet with high quality protein with only a few breeding animals in the back yard.

Rabbit meat is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals; low in fat, low in saturated fatty acids, low in cholesterol, low in sodium, and low in calories.

Rabbit meat is delicious, very much like chicken, and can be prepared in any of the hundreds of ways one might prepare chicken.

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