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Above is the beautiful New Age Roberta, Combo Model, with a Jumbo Flyer, one Jumbo Bobbin, and two Standard Bobbins.




As of June 20, 2007, I am no longer selling the Roberta electronic spinner. Ian Spark and the Ertoel Company have been wonderful to work with. I highly recommend the Roberta, as being the best electronic/electric on the market today. This page is for your information, in making a decision on buying a spinning wheel or electric/electronic spinner. Please scroll to the bottom of the page for a link to the Ertoel company. Ian will be happy to answer any of your questions, sell a Roberta to you, or refer you to a dealer near you.



Released in 2005 ~ The New Age Roberta! ~ Ertoel has done some “tweaking”, and the Roberta is now better than ever, in looks and in performance!

The Roberta is very quiet, lightweight, and easy to use. It's great for the beginner (don't have to think about what your feet are doing), great for the production spinner (get more spun, faster, with less strain on the body), great for the traveler (optional 12 volt plug and carrying bag), and great for those who have foot, leg, or back problems or disabilities. With the Roberta, you are not locked into one spinning position. You are free to sit down, stand up, put your feet up, lie back, or change positions at any time.

I definitely recommend the pause control option. This may look like a sewing machine foot pedal, but it works the opposite. You only need to put pressure on it to temporarily stop the Roberta. This is very useful for fast stops, and short pauses to pick out a bit of dirt, short pieces, or make minor adjustments to your spinning. I put a piece of Velcro on the back of mine, and Velcro on the arm of my spinning chair to attach. Anytime I need to pause in my spinning, it is very easy to lower my arm about an inch to press on the control, then raise my arm back to normal spinning position, to resume spinning. I've been told that some people put the pause control beside of their thigh, and just make a minor body shift to put pressure on the control. Or, use it as it was intended, with your foot!

Recommendations from happy users:

* I just received one of Candy's electronic spinners and just finished plying a skein. It is faster and does a more even job than my spinning wheel. The yarn looks a lot more uniform and professional. The electronic is easy to manage, lightweight and makes almost no noise. I feel more confident using it for valuable fibers than I do my wheel. I think for those of you who sell handspun commercially, the Roberta is a must. It is also lower in price than the Ashford.


(Below is from someone with an older Roberta, who did not receive instructions with it. I sent the new "Use, Care, and Maintenance Instructions" to her.)

* THANKS for the new instructions, especially the use of Vaseline. This is the first time I have been able to successfully spin angora on my Roberta. Before I could spin it but not well. It makes all the difference in the world. Now I don't want to do the things I have to do today, I want to SPIN!!!!

Enjoy your day. Janet

* Would have gotten back to you sooner today, but . . . . I was spinning . . . . again!  Last night I did some really fine llama and couldn't believe how even and fine the yarn is coming out! Surely my spinning isn't that good; must be the machine.
I really am thrilled with the machine and see that I can concentrate on the evenness of the fiber rather than spend time restarting the wheel and trying to get the tension right.
As you can see, I am getting along very well with the spinning. Love the crazy thing and wonder if I had two I could run them both at the same time!!  HA!


* It is beautiful, and runs so quietly and nice! THANK YOU! This looks like a very well made product, and it is really nice to look at, with the wood color and the really clean and simple construction. The Roberta, and the whole experience of buying it, has exceeded our best expectations. We will certainly steer all those who see it, and who want one too, to you. 

Thank you again, Candy!


Carol and Merle




Carrying bag closed & open

Jumbo Bobbin (holds about 10 oz.) and Standard Bobbin (holds about 5 oz.)



Ertoel Wheels now has their own web site. Take a look. Specialists in Electronic Spinners & Carding Machines (hand & electric). "The best equipment available at a reasonable price”. Home of the world famous Roberta Electronic spinner.


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