My English Angora Rabbits

Jenny, black VM senior doe

Angoras are one of the oldest domestic rabbit breeds in the world. Because they have been used primarily as pets and for their wool, for so long, they have had a lot of close contact with humans, and usually have an excellent personality. Please check my Links page for web sites with excellent information on Angora care, grooming, wool, showing, etc. Check my BEW English Angora page for information about the Vienna gene, and breeding blue-eyed whites. And please check my About Me page for my own personal history in raising this wonderful breed.

Following is my for-sale list, which I'll try to keep current.

For-Sale List:


(Sorry, none available at this time.)



Terms used in the For-Sale List:

* VM = Vienna Marked . These are colored, with some white markings, usually on the nose and/or forehead. Often they have some areas of blue in their eyes. VM are not showable, but are good for pets, wool, and for breeding to get BEW. These are sometimes called dutch marked, sports, or mismarked.

* VC = Vienna Carrier. These have one Vienna gene, but don't show it. They don't have any white markings or blue in the eyes. They are solid colored and showable (if no other DQs). They will produce BEW offspring if bred to a VM, VC, or BEW.

* BEW = blue-eyed white

* REW = ruby-eyed white

* "V" numbers, such as "V502 = ear numbers



I used to ship several times a year, but more and more it has gotten to be such a hassle, and very expensive. I really donít want to ship anymore.  I am only breeding a few litters per year now, and I can probably sell these few more locally.


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