Angora Wool, Yarn & Garments

I sometimes have very limited quantities of Angora wool, yarn, and garments for sale.

Wool -

In my rabbitry, wool is usually clipped off of the rabbit with scissors when about 3 to 3 1/2 inches long. Since I am a spinner, I pay special attention to avoiding second cuts, and sort the wool into three grades as I go. I use my own grading system, which may be different than others use. My top grade is what I would spin myself. It is put loosely, by hand-fulls, into grocery store-type plastic bags, and stored in the same. I have found no need to layer the wool carefully between tissue paper and store in boxes. I have never had wool stored by my method matt, or change in any way. And I prefer to spin the loose fluffy wool, rather than straight layered wool. My top grade may contain a small amount of webbing, if it is loose enough for easy drafting. My mid-grade, or "seconds" is roughly between 1 and 2 1/2 inches, and/or contains webbing that can be pulled apart, but not easily enough for direct drafting, and may contain very small matts.  This grade is suitable for carding and blending with other fibers. My low-grade goes in the trash. My low-grade is wool that is dirty, stained, matted, very heavily webbed, or very short - any or all of these things.

My top grade clipped wool - $6.00 per oz. + postage

Mid grade or "seconds" - $2.00 per oz. + postage

Yarn -

All of my yarn is handspun, and usually 100% Angora. Quantities are very limited, since I use most of my yarn myself. Yarn size (weight) varies, but most is about a sport weight, give or take a bit.

Approximately sport weight - $17.00 per ounce + postage

Skeins of yarn

Garments -

Most garments are 100% Angora, although I have blended or plied with silk, and may incorporate other fibers occasionally. I do not feel I need to add sheep wool, or any other fiber for durability, elasticity, or for any other reason. I love Angora 100%. My garment inventory varies considerably. Pictures are examples of my work, and may or may not be available at this time. Prices are also examples. Garments are priced per ounce, so price is determined when each item is finished and weighed. Please e-mail with your request.

blue headband - $34.00; scarf - $120.00; scarf - $120.00

Shades of purple hat - $68.00; shades of purple scarf - $105.00; silk/angora hat - $71.00; silk/angora scarf - $99.00


mittens - $49.00; baby booties - $20.00


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